Independent cinema producer

Seyed Mehdi Sajjadi is the producer and executor of the Iranian project.He started his career by making short films and showing short and feature films in domestic and foreign festivals.Sajjadi is one of the independent producers in Iran.And most of his works have been with the directors of the first work,Sajjadi has been a supporter of the “Me Too” movement in Iran and, for the first time in written employment contracts, has committed to the intellectual and physical security of the agents.Sajjadi is the director and founder of the Seventh Art Association.He is also active in distributing works of art in foreign festivals.


My Skills and experiences in Art

Art is not only for painting, music, movies, etc., whatever brings you closer to the beauty of the creator is art


Calligraphy & calligraphy


Film production

Playing short and long films

business management

Stone-cold sulking :
In this movie, a turtle takes refuge in a zoo from the dirty and polluted nature that we humans have created for him.
The duration of the film :5 minutes
Year of production (2017)

carriage of time:

carriage of time is the story of change, it is the story of people that time makes them better or worse people, we must be in the current time.
The duration of the movie : 10 minutes
Production year  :2017


under ground floor :
IThe story of the movie is about a young couple who want to emigrate from their country, they have to rent out their house in order to get the money and get tickets as soon as possible.
Production year  : 2023
The duration of the movie : 89 minutes

Playing war game :
The story of this movie is about two children who play with guns and chase, but they take the game very seriously, but the adults, on the contrary, live life like a child’s game.
The duration of the movie : 7 minutes
Production year 2017


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